If you had told me a few weeks ago about how when things didn’t make sense in my world, that I should trust in things that are beyond me, that maybe the universe would protect and take care of me, I’d be escorting you back out my front door in a hurry. I’m not one to believe in letting go that easily to unknown forces and suddenly have a new faith in such things when there’s nothing else to have hope with.

Well, a series of events over the last few months have given me a new respect for the wonders of the universe and its magical gifts. When there wasn’t a smudge of evidence of how things would unfold and wrap me up in a new shiny package, forces were at play behind me and shaking fate’s hand. The universe decided I no longer needed to be in the hole, pulled me up and sent me along my new path.

I liked where I have been but I love where I’m going.

Thank you Universe and your magical powers! =j