Oh how I love to bake because nothing beats “homemade”. I don’t always have time to cook or bake what I want to, and if I have to admit it out loud, Klem is a better cook than I. But I digress.

So on Saturday morning Klem and I went blueberry picking for likely the last time this season. There were lots still but they are down to slip pickings, so it was good that the weather cooperated and allowed us time to search for the best ones hanging on! Here’s proof that you can find good berries in a bad bush…

So Sunday morning came and I knew what my soul, and everyone else needed…a batch of fresh blue berry scones.

Grabbed my recipe, whipped up the dough, added those fresh melt in your mouth fresh berries and put the scones on the pan for baking.

Off they go into the oven for about 20 minutes.

Got the coffee and grinder (did I tell you I love the smell of freshly ground coffee too?) and made a big pot of hot, steaming coffee.

There goes the timer, and out comes an amazing start to the day!  Ah, it can’t get much better than this!  =j