Klem found an owl, or maybe you could say he found us. Klem was following a truck home one afternoon which looked like it hit an owl that was sitting in the middle of the road… the driver kept going and we’d like to think that maybe the driver didn’t realize the owl didn’t fly away. Anyway Klem stopped his truck, went over to the bird and carefully picked him up and put him in the front seat as he was dazed and not really moving. He brought him home and placed him in a big box in the garage.  It didn’t appear he had anything broken, he could move but it seemed all he wanted to do was close his eyes and sleep. We named him Harry.

Harry took to his surroundings ok considering what he’d been through. That night Harry slept outside safely on a perch with a box for shelter. He seemed ok, maybe a bit sleepy and we hoped he’d fly away in the night….. he was still there in the morning.

Sir Harry Widget

Sir Harry Widget and his night on the perch

Klem took him down from the perch and put him on the ground, trying to encourage him to fly. He jumped around a bit, fooled us with his wing flapping and squawking, but no flying. Klem put him back on the perch.

So how long has it been since Harry’s eaten? No idea, but no worries.  Izzy the Wonder Dog saves the day by tracking and bringing home a mouse for Harry’s breakfast which he downs in no time at all!

We like Harry, but Harry can’t stay, he needs proper care to get better and go back to his homeland.

We find a vet who knows an owl sanctuary.  Harry visited the vet who determined nothing was broken but appeared de-hydrated and a bit undernourished.  An owl sanctuary in Vineland was ordered up for Harry, a place for him to recover and be released once he was better. A courier to Toronto, and from there to Vineland, it was all worked out and Harry was on his way.

Sir Harry Widget

Sir Harry Widget, the morning of his trip to Vineland

We hope Harry’s doing ok.  He was a beautiful boy and for a while it was kinda cool being that close to a wild bird, one that we could actually touch and pat.  Harry was special.

Oh ya, Harry’s middle name is Widget, courtesy of Jenn. =j