It snowed all day yesterday.  We ended up with a lot of it despite the weather forecasts that said ‘flurries’.  It snowed and blowed, and it was another long day without the sun which we haven’t seen in about a week.  But this morning when we got up, the skies were blue, the sun found its way out of the clouds and the wee birdies were chirping  because they found their birdseed under all the snow (and ice).

It was much too nice to stay indoors, so Klem and I put our woolies on and headed off to Cannington for their annual Dog Sled Racing and Winter Carnival event.  This is their 8th year to sponsor this event and it looks like it’s well-organized.  There’s $10,000 up for grabs, as four and six dog teams compete in back-to-back racing all weekend long.  In between heats, there’s dog sled rides, an exotic petting zoo, face painting, snowshoeing to try and more.  There’s also a Saturday night Comedy Night and the Beer Garden has great bands lined up to while away a few hours.  There is definitely something for everyone.

Sweet Husky puppy!!

There were colourful glimpses of history with Aboriginal people sporting their various regalia.  The First Nation and Metis people demonstrated fur trade artifacts, survival teachings, storytelling, musical performances and traditional foods.

Young girl dancer

Musher and the dogs

Unfortunately this year the snow came too late and the races were cancelled.  It didn’t matter though, it didn’t stop anyone from coming out and enjoy all the events.  We watched the Jamaican team dogs get ready to do a practice run, and we even learned a few mush terms, like Gee – turn left; Hike – get moving and On By! – pass another team or other distractions.

Members of the Jamaican Team

Damion Robb, Jamaican Musher

Soft and cuddly little guy

Ice sculptors prepare for the contest judge

We’re marking the dates on next years calendar and although I must say that I never, ever thought I’d live the day to say this… “please pray for snow for next year’s event!”