Klem and I took a road trip a few Saturdays ago to our favourite town of Port Perry. As usual, our first stop was at “Hanks Pastries“.

Now, if you like yummy pastries, cookies, danishes, good coffee and delicious lunch menus all served up by great staff, then set your GPS to Hank’s. Once we were loaded up with a bag of warm chelsea buns, a couple of huge apple fritters and freshly brewed coffee, we were on our way.

Our next stop, the “16th Annual Port Perry Antique and Nostalgia Show and Sale” at the Scugog arena.

There were about 25-30 dealers at this event and was sponsored by the Lake Scugog Historical Society.

I love going to the antique shows and auctions. You never know what you’re going to find, or whom you’re going to see.  (Let’s just say, antiques aren’t the only finds with “patina”). One year at an antique show a dealer was selling coffins. Ummm…I’ll pass. But I confess, I did peek inside a few!

I inherited my love for auctions from my dad who has been attending, buying and selling antiques and military items for as long as I can remember. A boxful of items he once bought at an auction turned out to be a bit more than he bargained for. An urn was in one of the boxes and when he returned it to the auctioneer he was told it contained the estate member’s ashes and the family would be very relieved to have it back.  Really makes you wonder how that happened!!

Vendors displayed their collectibles – vintage clothing, glassware, radios from the 1930s, toys and dolls, turn-of-the-century furniture and Tiffany glass. I have to be honest, there were some things there I didn’t really know what they were or what they were used for, but that made it all even more interesting.

Don’t you just love the antique clothing?

Bits and pieces of everything

Wee dolls for wee fingers… Mac would love these!

For the really big hangover!?

Old posters, magazines of all kinds, CHUM 1050 Music Chart flyers, calendars, maps …. it’s all here

“The 3 Monkeyteers”

Glass for preserves or drinking…. no plastic jugs and bottles here!

It was great fun and as usual we had a great time together.  We’re hooked and making plans for our next antique event – maybe we’ll see you there!