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Last Thursday was a warm, perfect kind of summer day and I was on my way to meet coworkers for lunch at an outdoor patio. We’ve all been busy or on vacation so this was a perfect way to unwind, reconnect and get ready for the fall work that will bombard us again for many months to come.  I was looking forward to the afternoon – it was going to be fun and I was grinning like a kid getting ready for a beach trip. There was a nice breeze, the kind that you only get in the summer, billowing gently through the open windows in my car. I had my favourite music playing in the background and was waiting for the advanced light to turn green for me.

Then out of nowhere I sneezed, not once, but three times.  Now I’m not a loud sneezer mind you, but I can surely be heard in another room, so I’m definitely not one of those “I’ll keep it a secret sneeze” people.  I sometimes have a “pretend sneeze” where I think it’s coming, it changes its mind and then comes out like a whisper, but for the most part, they’re a big cachoou!!

“Bless you!” Surprised, I turned down my radio, searched around for the voice and flowerpotclipartlooked over to the car on my right.  The driver had his windows down, his head leaning out a bit and was calling over to me with a big smile on his face.

“Bless you!” he calls out again.  I smiled and said “Thanks, that’s very kind of you.”

“Well, now you can pass it on, and maybe I’ll win the lottery, or we both will.” he laughed. “I don’t need much, I’m not greedy, just a bit to pay my bills or maybe take a trip somewhere.  We’re here on vacation from Newfoundland, and we love it here in the summer.  I don’t want anything really, I just wanted to bless you. I hope you have a good day!”

“You as well” I said, “And thank you again, no one has ever blessed me while sitting in my car at a stop light before. Have a wonderful holiday!”

My light finally turned green, and as I’m making my turn, I was able to hear him say “Now there’s a lovely lady.”

I could say something along the same line …”Now there’s a lovely gentleman!”

I know I’ve experience many random acts of kindness, but some are so subtle you don’t see or feel them. I absolutely loved this one – the man made my good day turn into a great day simply by doing something so unexpected and fun at the same time.  I passed it on the same day, but I’m not telling how I did it.

I hope I’ve inspired you, now go be your own random act of kindness!