This was a Wedding!!

This is the wedding that I was happily involved in helping organize since the day my daughter was proposed to by her high school prom date.

Jenn and Chris at Trafalgar Castle

This is the wedding that, if you knew the stories of this lovely girl and boy, you would truly be amazed that they found each other again, and even more amazed that they would fall in love and have the joy of being together as husband and wife.

This is the wedding that my 7-year-old granddaughter had waited for, with bated breath, to welcome her stepfather who loves her by choice, without reserve. A better father you’ll never find.

This is the wedding where the choices of the wedding dress, food, wine and music were secondary to the welcoming of friends and family to come together in celebrating their happiness together. It was about the day, but more about the whispering of vows in the hushed chapel and later in the evening celebrating their joy with memorable speeches, great food and endless music until the wee hours of the morning.

It was the wedding that poured rain the entire weekend. It was a relentless, unforgiving kind of rain that came down upon us mercilessly. It rained all day, all night. Ah, but I lie… the skies held their breath for a few outdoor photos we managed to snap in minutes before sending us back inside.  And as we all have heard, rain on one’s wedding day is good luck and I guess it’s true as it rained on my wedding day 37 years ago.

This was a wedding of firsts.  My brother was asked to be the master of ceremonies, a job he’s never held before, and with endless enthusiasm, weeks of interviewing families and speech writing, he was perfect!! Our son, who is a quiet reserved guy, came to the mike and gave a speech from his heart, without rehearsal or hesitation. He spoke of his love for his sister and niece, and welcomed his new brother-in-law into the family. He was a natural speaker, who knew!? He was perfect.

Jenn, Chris and Mackenzie do the toast!

It was a first also for us when we watched with tears and smiles the father and granddaughter walk down the aisle, arms linked on either side of the bride, and they were speechless. It was a wedding where (as far as I know) everything went without issue…. nothing lost, broken or unscheduled.  Well, maybe one thing but it was fixed by the wonderful master of ceremonies!

This was a wedding to meet new family members, make new friends and overjoyed to welcome long time friends to the celebrations. It was day and night of fun, smiles, happiness and more importantly, love.

This wedding was more than simply a day or a date on the calendar, more than a memory of the event.  It was a perfect day and a happy ending love!

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