Comments and Contact

we’re all in contact here, knowingly or not, swirling about the web, leaving thoughts and bits of our lives for all to see and read. it’s comforting (though perhaps daunting?) to realize that there’s not one thing (not even one!) that ev-er-y-one likes. i don’t expect everyone to like or agree with everything posted on this site; everything i post is here for no reason but my reason. i try my best to not tell anyone what they should do or think or believe. i share what i do and think and believe. if someone out there feels the urge to tell me what to do, their message will probably be deleted with an eye-roll. sorry! all other correspondence is welcomed and i love reading your words, though often times my life prevents me from writing back as i have but limited time on this machine.

my comment policy: i don’t pretend to know everything; i knew everything when i was 17 and after a while it got boring. i now revel in how much there is to learn. to that end, comments are open and i am thrilled when you share your experiences and thoughts. there are comments that enhance the dialogue; these do not have to be in agreement with the majority or with me. enhancing the dialogue is most welcomed. comments that are empty negativity will be deleted along with any comments that insult or demean other commenters. i believe everyone out there is intelligent enough to know the difference. this is a space for people to share what they do and what they believe – what works for them – without condemning others in the process. thanks ☆ j.

4 thoughts on “Comments and Contact”

  1. you are a wise and wonderful woman……..I am proud to call you my friend

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